SolarWorld SWA 350 XL Black Frame Mono Solar Panel


SolarWorld SWA 350 XL Black Frame Mono Solar Panel

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SWA 350 Sunmodule XL Solar Panels

SolarWorld Sunmodule XL panels are manufactured in state-of-the-art United States factories and meet strict environmental and quality standards. For over four decades SolarWorld Americas has been creating the highest quality solar cells and panels, backed by the best warranty in the industry.

Designed for Maximum Power Output

SWA 350-watt Sunmodule XL solar panels are manufactured with a black aluminum frame, white backsheet and 72 high-performance monocrystalline PERC solar cells. Sunmodule XL panels offer maximum reliability and energy density, providing 30% greater rated power when compared to 60-cell modules thanks to its 72-cell format. That means installing fewer panels on your roof with less racking and attachments, or the ability to generate more power with limited roof space.

Best Warranty In the Industry

The linear warranty guarantees power generated will not decrease more than .7% per year from its nameplate. This guarantees that each module will produce at least 80.2% of its nameplate power after 25 years. On top of this, SolarWorld offers a 20-year product warranty backed by a dual warranty protection plan. Dimensions (LxWxH): 78.46 × 39.4 × 1.3 inches
Features & Attributes
  • Weight: 47.6 lbs
  • 72-cell monocrystalline silicon module
  • Tempered glass on the front
  • Withstands static loads of up to 113 lbs per square foot
  • Efficiency rating: 17.29%
  • Power tolerance of +/-2%
  • Grounding locations on all four frame corners
  • Certified to the stringent safety and design requirements of UL 1703 and IEC
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee
  • 20-year product workmanship warranty
  • Black frame, white back sheet
  • MPN: SW 350 XL Mono


SolarWorld SWA 350 XL Black Frame Mono Solar Panel

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